Innovation is growing in the cornfields of America.


America’s family corn farmers are using cutting-edge technology to transform the way the nation’s biggest crop is sustainably planted, cultivated and brought to market.


That’s right, the same family farmers who have been farming the land for more than four generations in most cases, not some faceless corporation. The people you see in these ads are real farmers who face daily challenges to bring you an abundant corn crop each fall. CFC wants to share this amazing story.


Employing advanced GPS guidance systems in tractors allows corn farmers to plant with pinpoint accuracy, empowering corn farmers to do more with less. Dramatically reducing fertilizer, pesticide and water use to maximize yields helps conserve precious natural resources.



From high tech planter monitors that assure proper seed placement, to unmanned aerial vehicles that give corn farmers a unique bird eye view of their fields so they can make planting and harvesting decisions or assess the growing crop, farming is evolving.


Combine this technology with data from wireless weather stations, precision soil samples, and grain analyzers that measure the moisture held in a single kernel of corn and that’s just the beginning. Today’s corn farmer benefits from generations of knowledge that is being married with today’s best tools.


Innovation and advanced technologies like mobile computer databases are helping America’s family corn farmers make the best informed business decisions needed to bring America’s most productive crop from the field to the market. Sustainable. Productive. Efficient.


There’s more you should know about America’s biggest crop.


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