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Director’s Cut: Farm Visits: No Boots Needed

Each day I marvel at the multi-generational aspects of our nation’s family farms and the challenges they face to stay productive, profitable and responsive to consumers demands. Balancing our needs for abundant safe food, produced without expanding acreage, and pulling it off with increasingly less environmental impact is a true American success story. I saw the following quote on Twitter today and it rings as honest today as it ever has

“The discovery of agriculture was the first big step toward a civilized life.” - Arthur Keith

It is getting easier every day to take a quick digital farm tour to learn more about food and the families who bring it to your table thanks to the internet. You can check out a great blog featuring the Ransom Family Farm of Kansas here.

For a preview of what you will find there check out Debbie Ransom’s response to the following question: What is one thing related to your respective work in Agriculture you wish consumers better understood?

“How big of a risk farming is and that we cannot name our own price for the product we produce…which in return…can mean major losses or major gains within literally a blink of an eye…which could possibly put your whole operation at risk…and quite possibly end everything you have ever worked for (that is a bit dramatic, but very real).  Also, a lot of people don’t really understand what goes into producing that crop…like soil type, hybrids, fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, nitrogen, ph levels, the weather, tillage and so, so, so much…a lot of the time, people think you just run your planter out there and poof!  Your crop grows!”

Thanks to the Ransom family and many others out there who are beginning to reach out to consumers.

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