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Following a successful campaign in June and July, the Corn Farmers Coalition announced it will extend its summer campaign to educate policy makers in Washington, D.C.  More »

07/01/11 Director’s Cut: 2011 Planting Season a Showcase for the Benefits of Technology and the Tenacity of Family Farmers

This year’s planting estimate numbers released by the USDA on June 30 show the dynamic capabilities of the nation’s farmers.  And the rain delays in Ohio set the stage for a Herculean effort that makes the 2011 planting season one for the record books.  More »

06/09/11 Director’s Cut: Family Corn Farmers Are America’s Success Story

The public disconnect with food and farming is a growing societal issue. The Corn Farmers Coalition seeks to reconnect us all with America’s family farmers. They play a critical role in our economy and at a more basic level…our sustenance.  More »

06/01/11 Corn Farmers Coalition Returns to Nation’s Capital With Educational Program

Washington – For the third year in a row, our nation’s capital will learn about the U.S. family farmers who produce corn, our nation’s top crop, as part of the Corn Farmers Coalition program that debuts today at Union Station, an important venue for reaching policymakers inside “The Beltway.”  More »

04/28/11 Director’s Cut: Fair and Balanced

The gulf between the family farmers who grow crops and those that consume them gets wider and wider. This is especially true when it comes to the complicated farm programs that have become such a critical part of the nation’s producers of food, fuel and fiber. This issue gets a great look and explanation by Craig Fata of the Illinois Farm Bureau on their blog Standing Out in the Field. Enjoy the read and please look for more here in the days ahead as CFC begins gearing up for another Washington, DC educational program this summer.  More »

10/28/10 A Tale of Two Farmers

Originally published on Standing Out in the Field

There’s a guy in Illinois who’s a farmer.  He farms 5000 acres of corn and soybeans over several areas.  He is responsible for all of the business decisions for the operation, including which varieties to plant, when to sell what he harvests and for how much. His tractors and combines are huge machines. They are equipped with laptop computers and the latest GPS technology. As part of his income, he sells seed and cattle equipment to other farmers. He sits on the Board of Directors for a statewide farm organization, often traveling to meetings and conventions and providing input on the operation of county farm bureaus in his district. During busy times, he hires outside employees to help get the job done around the farm.  More »

10/28/10 Nebraska Family Farm the Norm Not the Exception

If you think the majority of farms today are large industrialized operations, think again. More than 90 percent of the corn grown in the United States comes from multi-generational family farms like the Borg Farm of Nebraska.  More »

10/26/10 Farmer Best at Telling Their Own Story

Building off a successful campaign conducted across Nebraska a year ago, the Nebraska Corn Board has created a new series of messages that feature several Nebraska farm families sharing facts about how today’s corn farmers are more sustainable than ever.  More »

10/06/10 Director’s Cut: Farm Visits: No Boots Needed

Each day I marvel at the multi-generational aspects of our nation’s family farms and the challenges they face to stay productive, profitable and responsive to consumers demands. Balancing our needs for abundant safe food, produced without expanding acreage, and pulling it off with increasingly less environmental impact is a true American success story. I saw the following quote on Twitter today and it rings as honest today as it ever has

“The discovery of agriculture was the first big step toward a civilized life.” - Arthur Keith  More »

09/29/10 A Conversations with Farmers Featured in CFC Ads

John and Sue Adams, family farmers from Atlanta, Illinois, recently discussed the joys and challenges of farming along with their involvement as one of the farm families featured in the Corn Farmers Coalition Advertising campaign with Todd Gleason of WILL Radio in Champaign, Illinois.

 More »

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