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The Corn Farmers Coalition is an alliance of the National Corn Growers Association and 14 state corn associations representing tens of thousands of dues-paying farmers.

The coalition formed in 2008 to educate policy-makers in Washington about how tech-savvy, innovative farmers are growing more corn every year - for food, animal feed, ethanol and exports - while using fewer resources and protecting the environment.

That story got lost for a while last year when corn prices briefly spiked, starting a debate over whether farmers can produce enough corn to feed people and animals and supply bio-refineries making ethanol to mix with gasoline.

The Corn Farmers Coalition uses facts from government and academics to show this debate is bogus. Farmers grew the second-largest corn crop on record last year, enough to export a fifth and even set aside lots of corn in case America needs it later. There will be plenty of reasonably priced corn, says the federal Department of Agriculture and other experts, for the foreseeable future.

Americans are the most productive corn farmers in the world, growing five times more than we did in the 1930s on 20 percent less land. Thanks to amazing innovations, the corn we can grow on each acre will double again in only 25 years.

With new technologies, new seed varieties and precision-farming techniques we are also protecting the environment - reducing fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation; preventing erosion; and reducing greenhouse gases.

We are America’s corn farmers, and we have the facts.

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